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Crafting a successful digital marketing strategy

Crafting a successful digital marketing strategy from the ground up

market research audience research marketing analytics seo
Scaling marketing efforts to match your growth

Scaling marketing efforts efficiently to match your business growth

marketing analytics seo paid advertising fractional cmo
Optimizing marketing spend to maximize ROMI

Optimizing marketing spend to maximize ROMI

marketing analytics paid advertising fractional cmo conversion optimization
Diagnosing underperformance

Diagnosing underperformance in digital channels to implement improvements

marketing analytics conversion optimization seo audit paid ads audit
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Open-minded & Real

Our clients achieve their business goals with us because we care. We are proud of our client’s businesses and treat them as our own.

Proactive & Passionate

We’re not just here to meet your needs, we’re here to exceed them. We’ll give you ideas and suggestions for improvement before you even think about it.

Driven by Values

We want to make the world a better place, so we work only with products and services people really need.

About Our Approach

We use the HADI framework to navigate the fast-paced world of digital marketing and help your business thrive.

Traditional strategies fall short as the landscape shifts with new product launches, competitive campaigns, algorithm changes, and AI advancements.

Our approach goes beyond the fundamentals because today’s environment demands creativity and flexibility.

...and a vital ingredient to the HADI method:


about what works for your business.


Your marketing
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Renata Zinnatullina Renata Zinnatullina Growth Director

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Stories of Success

case studies

/ development / company
Purrweb smb

Purrweb, the UX/UI design outsourcing team, came to us seeking to boost leads from organic search. Their editorial team produced plenty of content, but it wasn't driving enough traffic or leads.


2x times

Increased organic traffic

3x times

Increased organic leads
link building content recommendations
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/ education / edtech
Algorithmics smb

An international school for programming and math wanted to scale its online education business, but initially struggled due to a focus on franchise sales and a lack of a coherent B2C marketing strategy.


x2.5 times

Increased lifetime value (LTV)
fractional cmo consulting
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/ company / consulting
Unusual Concepts ENTERPRISE

Unusual Concepts, a firm specializing in agile transformation, ventured into the US market in 2023. To quickly secure a solid sales pipeline, our COO worked with their founder to streamline strategies, identify key talent, and oversee marketing through agencies and contractors.


35 articles

Generated in two month
fractional cmo consulting
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/ education / edtech

Refocus wanted to launch a search-optimized blog in Bahasa and English to increase web traffic from search engines. Our team developed a multi-month content plan and ensured that the blog met technical SEO standards.


Top 10 search rankings

Within two weeks of launch
seo for blog content writing
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/ delivery / app
Transportation ENTERPRISE

A leading transportation and delivery app improved its customer acquisition approach by working with our team. We focused on digital advertising and hypothesis testing to strengthen internal capabilities and product functionality, and improve project management.


230 hypotheses

Tested in 16 weeks
marketing analytics meta ads google ads growth hacking
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the team

Our team has worked closely together for three years, blending our strengths to serve our clients and projects better.

Renata Zinnatullina Growth Director

I drive growth through digital marketing for Digital Hunch and our clients. I take a step back from setting channel-specific strategies and instead focus on developing a comprehensive and systematic approach. As a fractional CMO, I make sure all the key steps are covered and working properly.

Liubov Mamaeva
Liubov Mamaeva Chief Operating Officer

As a Chief Operations Officer, I build processes that help our team connect your true audience with you. For your C-levels, I offer advice on maximizing marketing, sales, and back-end departments to increase revenue..

Evgenia Wagner
Evgenia Wagner Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

My main responsibility is to develop working strategies based on your business goals and to find channels and methods to scale the results. To achieve this, I set clear goals, provide end-to-end reporting, extract data-driven insights about advertising channels, and formulate new hypotheses to improve effectiveness.

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